Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to register my security system with my city?

Alarm registration is required for alarm response if you live within the city of New Orleans. Failure to register may cause you to be fined by the city, or even worse, prevent the city from responding to alarms at your home or business. You should register your security system immediately after installation. There is no cost associated with registering your alarm. Follow this link to register:


2. How do I test my security system?

Call us at 504-904-7911 to place your system on test. Arm your security panel in Away mode, then open an armed door or window. The alarm should go off. Allow the alarm to continue for at least one minute, then disarm your system. Call us to confirm we received the alarm.


3. How do I contact the Central Monitoring Station?

The central station phone number is 844-261-4783. Their role is to monitor alarm signals and dispatch emergency services when needed.


4. Will getting rid of my phone line affect my security system?

If your system was installed by LYNC Security, getting rid of your phone line will NOT affect your security system. We use modern cellular radios rather than hardwired phone lines.


5. Will changing internet service providers affect my security system?

Changing internet service providers may affect your ability to view your security cameras. Your alarm monitoring, however, will not typically be affected. If you are thinking about changing internet service providers, please give us a call at 504-904-7911 to determine how it might effect your security system.


6. How do I update my billing information?

Feel free to call our office at 504-904-7911 to update your billing information. You can also update your information through our customer portal by following this link: You can find the Registration Key on the bottom of your invoice.


7. When is my first payment due?

Your first payment for alarm monitoring is due on the day of the installation. For large security camera installations, you may be required to provide a down payment on the day you sign the installation agreement.


8. How often do you bill me?

Billing takes place on the first of each month by default, but you have the option to select a different day of the month at any point. For camera systems, you pay for the installation and equipment, which you then own and do not make monthly payments on.


9. How much do service calls cost?

If you request a technician to come out for maintenance on your security system, you will be invoiced for parts and labor. The rate for service on your alarm system is $50 per hour. The rate for service on your security cameras is $85 per hour.


10. Do you offer smart home automation?

Yes, we partner with to offer smart home automation. Please call our office at 504-904-7911 to learn more about automation options and pricing.


11. Are you a local company?

Yes, our only office is located in Metairie, LA. We are a small, local business and are not affiliated with any larger home security providers.


12. Can I request a yard sign?

Yes, call our office at 504-904-7911 or send us an email at