Keep Calm and Trust LYNC on Your Next Vacation

Going on vacation should be relaxing and fun. Unfortunately, your getaway comes with some inherent stressors. You have to plan out travel and lodging, pet care, and time off from work. There are a lot of things to worry about, but the security of your home should not be one of them.

Let LYNC help take away the worry.  With a 24/7 monitored security system and HD surveillance cameras, you can rest assured your home is safe while you’re gone.

Keep watch from afar

With HD video surveillance from LYNC, you can keep an eye on your home with the click of a button. Our mobile app allows you to view live video at any time. Your cameras record 24/7 and save footage to your DVR. This means you can always go back and view past footage if you notice anything unusual.

With a Video Doorbell, you can see who is at your door from anywhere. If you have mail or a package delivered while you’re away, you’ll know the moment it reaches your door. This means you can call a friend to pick it up. Don’t risk rain damage or package theft.

A Video Doorbell also gives you the opportunity to unlock your door from afar. If a family member or trusted friend shows up, you can easily let them inside. Simply push a button to unlock your smart lock and disarm your security system. You also have the option to speak with them over your smartphone app and ask them to come back later.


Stay Up to Date on Activity

With LYNC’s smart home security app, powered by, you’ll be notified if anything happens while you’re gone. Maybe you’ve asked your neighbor to come over and water your plants. The moment your system is disarmed, you’ll receive an alert on your phone. You can peek in through your cameras and make sure everything is going well and there are no extra visitors.

If your alarm goes off while you’re away, not only will you be alerted by phone but we’ll call the authorities to investigate for you.


Actionable Notifications

Give Access to Trusted Guests While On Vacation

If you have someone coming over to house sit or check in while you’re away, you don’t have to leave a key in the mailbox. You can create a temporary user code that will be disabled automatically on the date you choose. You can customize the code for a specific lock, for arming and disarming your system, or both.

We all make mistakes once in a while. If your trusted guest forgets something when they leave, you can remotely lock your doors, arm your system and even turn on or off lights and appliances right from your smartphone.

LYNC has you covered while on vacation, so relax and enjoy your escape. To take advantage of these perks, or to connect with an expert to answer questions about smart home security, click here.

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