Three Ways LYNC Makes Moving Easier

When you’re moving into a new home, you have a lot to keep track of. People are coming and going while you remodel and move in your belongings. At night you worry whether the painters remembered to lock the door when they left your new place. Let LYNC take away the stress. With a smart home security system, you won’t be left wondering if your new home is secure.


Move Easier


  1. Access control

Whether you’re remodeling or getting help from friends and family, your new home will have a lot of visitors. Spare yourself the scheduling headache of showing up to unlock the door and forget the security risk of handing out spare keys. With a smart lock, you can set up temporary access codes for trusted visitors.

If you would like to unlock the door for unexpected guests when you’re away from home, consider adding a video doorbell. When visitors ring the doorbell, you can view and speak to them through live video on your smartphone, then decide to unlock the door or ask them to come back later. You can even set your video doorbell to record when motion is detected at your door.

To see footage of an attempted break-in captured by a homeowner’s video doorbell, click here.


  1. Safety and Security

If your home is going to be sitting unoccupied while you’re moving, it could become a target for burglars. In an unfamiliar neighborhood, it’s hard to gauge the risk. Gain peace of mind and secure your property by setting up a smart security system in your new home.

LYNC security systems are professionally monitored around the clock to protect your home immediately in case of an emergency. With our 24/7 video surveillance systems, you can keep an eye on your new home from anywhere and look through saved footage if you find anything unusual when you arrive. Don’t settle for frustrating DIY systems (link features foul language, much of it justified) without professionals to install and monitor for you.


  1. Energy usage

If your new home is going to be sitting empty a lot, consider using a smart thermostat to automatically turn the temperature up or down as people come and go. Smart thermostats will even track and display your energy usage on your connected smart home app. This will help you make your new home more energy efficient.

Secure your new home with a smart, professional system from LYNC. You’ll have everything to look forward to and a whole lot less to worry about.


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