What Makes LYNC’s Security Cameras Better?

If you’re new to shopping for security cameras, it can be difficult to know what to look for. Prospective customers often ask what makes LYNC’s security cameras better than those of our competitors. Read on to find out why our customers love our cameras.



24/7 Video Surveillance

Unlike our competitors, we offer real, 24/7 surveillance using custom built DVRs for video storage. Most providers offer less reliable security cameras that only record when triggered by motion or sensor activity. This means you can’t go back and view footage from anytime you choose. If motion detection fails, you will lose that potential video footage. With LYNC, you always have the freedom to go back to any day and time and view your footage.

Our supplier custom-builds our DVRs based on customer needs. This allows our customers to create a custom video solution and have the materials ready for install within one business day. Don’t waste time struggling to set up a cheap, video storage device. We’ll configure your router as needed and set up your system for you. You don’t have to worry while viewing your video on a smartphone or tablet; your footage is encrypted with the same type of security banks and e-commerce websites use.


High Definition Video

A popular feature that makes our cameras stand out is the unparalleled clarity of the video. Other security providers still fall short, offering analog security cameras with grainy, low-quality images. They think security footage doesn’t need to be as clear and smooth as one would expect from professional video recordings. We disagree. LYNC offers high definition cameras because the clarity of your footage may mean the difference between identifying a suspect after a break-in or not.

LYNC offers 4K Ultra High-Definition cameras with 24/7 monitoring. What does this mean? For years, high definition has been defined as 1080p. 4K is four times the number of pixels on a 1080p display and over 23 times the resolution of standard definition television. All systems come with LYNC’s free app for viewing the high-resolution video on your iPhone, Android, tablet or laptop. We’ll happily connect your network video recorder to your HD television via HDMI to view your cameras in all their 4K Ultra High-Definition glory!


Quality Security Cameras

All you have to do is look at our cameras to see the difference in quality. The do-it-yourself security cameras carried by major retailers are made of plastic. The lens is plastic. The housing is plastic. In the Louisiana sun, rain and heat, they simply won’t hold up over time. This is why all of LYNC’s security cameras have a glass lens and a metal housing.

The best way to understand the difference is to think of your car. Your windshield is made of glass because it’s important that it stays clear and unweathered. Your headlights are made of plastic. Overtime, they may get foggy and discolored. If this happens to your security cameras, it will drastically degrade the quality of your security footage.

All of our cameras have an IP rating of at least 66. This means they are completely dust-tight and can endure powerful water jets from any direction with no harmful effects. If you’ve ever been through a hurricane, you will understand why this is important to us.


A Stable and Secure Connection

Most providers use WiFi cameras because they’re easy to install without much technical know-how. This saves them time and money training technicians and running wire. However, WiFi cameras can easily lose connection with your network. WiFi range naturally fluctuates throughout the day. This means your camera may be close enough to your router when it is installed in the morning but may become out-of-range and drop offline in the afternoon. You may not even notice your camera’s intermittent connection until a crucial moment when it misses a recording.

Another shortcoming of WiFi cameras is their tendency to fall offline when too much bandwidth is used. For example, let’s say you have four WiFi cameras on your home network. They work fine until your teenager comes home from school and starts playing video games online. Suddenly, you can only view two of your four cameras. When you call your security provider, they tell you to contact your internet service provider. Your internet service provider says you need to pay for an upgrade for faster internet. You now have an increased monthly internet bill.

When you choose LYNC, you’re choosing a reliable, hard-wired camera system you can depend on. Your connection won’t fluctuate throughout the day.  Your cameras won’t slow down your internet connection at home or get bumped offline by other devices. Even if your internet goes out completely, your cameras will continue recording because the footage is saved locally on your DVR. All of this makes it harder for a third party to interfere with your surveillance system.

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