A Surprising Benefit of Video Monitoring

Home video monitoring systems come with some well-known advantages. Lowering insurance premiums, adding a sense of safety and security to your home, and deterring break-ins are a few. There are other substantial benefits you may not have thought about.


Property Damage

In an Alarm.com Review, a customer submitted these snapshots captured by his image sensor during a fire in his home.


Video Monitoring Surprising Benefits


“I wanted to be able to see what’s happening around the house, so I had three video cameras and two image sensors, with one camera on the front steps. My system recorded exactly how the fire started.”

His outdoor security camera captured footage of what caused the fire. A construction worker threw a lit cigarette into a dumpster the contractor had placed beside his house. The dumpster, full of old flooring, quickly caught fire and spread to his house.

The critical footage captured by his security cameras allowed him to easily prove the cause of the fire. As a result of this solid evidence, the contractor’s insurance paid for all the damages.

Normally, this homeowner would have faced the long and stressful process of trying to determine the cause of the fire. He and his family were unharmed, but his home was largely destroyed. His situation would have been far more stressful without at least knowing the damages would be repaired at no cost to him.

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Natural Disasters

As fires devastate communities in California and hurricanes threaten the gulf coast, many homeowners are using video monitoring to stay aware after evacuating their homes.



This footage shows a homeowner using his video monitoring system to watch from afar and even speak with the firefighters who are entering his home. They update him on the situation as they work to save his house from the fire spreading in his neighborhood.

From floods to fires, sadly natural disasters have made up much of the news this year. Video monitoring can help in that critical moment when you need to know what’s going on at home, or what caused the damage you returned to.

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